Theater Workshops by CreArt

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About Creart

It was founded in 2013 in Caracas Venezuela. Since its fundation was dedicated to the creation and production of theatrical performances among which stand out: "Shock Therapy", "Farewell Married", "Alegria and Mapulin", "With Much Swing", "First Dead Than Married" and in micro theater format include titles such as "My Wedding Day", "Jubilee Days", "Secu├ęstrame Gorilla", "The Lifting Dead" among many others.

In 2014, Creart Productions became the founding corporation of the Sambil Theater and they were in charge of its operation, becoming one of the most important cultural spaces in the country. In 2016 Creart Productions opens operations in the city of Miami, giving exhibition to all its catalog initially in the spaces of the old Paseo de Las Artes located in the city of Doral.

Creart Productions throughout its existence has also been dedicated to the process of professional training of children and youth by developing a practical training system for workshops that have always ended in shows that have been professionally displayed in Caracas and Miami.

Our Goals

Currently Creart Productions has just created and released a new theatrical genre called Spiriteatro, presenting for the first time in Miami. The show "Cardiaoapatias", "Diseases of the Heart" with resounding success.